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Equine Assisted Classes and Therapy

We are excited to now offer options for those wanting to explore the health and wellness benefits of equine assisted programs.

What is EAL and EAT?

Equine-Assisted Learning and Equine-Assisted Therapy

Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) and Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT) involves interactions between individuals and horses to promote emotional growth, personal development, and learning. This form of therapy can be beneficial for individuals of all ages and backgrounds, especially those struggling mentally, behaviorally, or those with physical disabilities. Interactions with horses promote individuals to learn important life skills, such as communication, trust, empathy, assertiveness, and emotional regulation. Horses are highly intuitive animals that can mirror human emotions and behavior, providing immediate feedback to their human partner. Through this, individuals can gain insight into their own thoughts and feelings leading to increased self-awareness and personal growth. Since horses have this ability to respond to human emotions, individuals can learn to regulate their emotions, manage stress, and develop coping strategies for dealing with challenging situations. This work together also helps individuals develop skills to build relationships and understand teamwork and communication. This is a unique and effective approach that harnesses the healing power of horses in order to develop life skills, improve mental health, and enhance overall quality of life.

We have partnered with Jamie LSW at Peaceful Perspective Therapy

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to be able to bring the healing power of horses to those individuals in need. Offering a different approach to help you on your health and wellness journey. 

Please take a look at her page and feel free to contact her with questions or for about scheduling.

Horse and dog in grass ready for equine therapy
Therapist Jamie with one of the cows that join us

Jamie around the farm

Mindfulness With horses

These group sessions combine the principles of mindfulness with interactions with horses to promote self-awareness, emotional regulation, and personal growth. Participants engage in various activities that involve being present in the moment, observing their thoughts and feelings without judgement, and connecting with the horses (or other animals) in a meaningful way. Sessions will begin with a mindfulness exercise in order to ground oneself before their interactions involving animals followed by a check-in. Afterwards, we will have exercises that involve observations of our equine partners in order to better understand their behavior and how they respond in our presence and energy, followed by an activity that involves equine interaction. Activities involved will focus on breathing, relaxation, and self-awareness. We will end with a group reflection. 

Empowerment Group

Are you looking for a unique women's empowerment group? We harness the power of equine-assisted activities to support and inspire women on their journey towards personal growth and empowerment. Our program combines the healing effects of interacting with horses with targeted empowerment activities.

We believe in the profound connection between women together and woman with horses, and how these animals can help us tap into our inner strength, resilience, and authenticity. Through guided interaction with our equine partners, participants have the opportunity to develop self-awareness, build confidence, improve communication skills, and cultivate emotional intelligence.


We provide a safe space and supportive environment, where women can come together to explore their potential, overcome challenges, and connect with other women to walk alongside of you on this journey. Sessions will comprise of checking in with one another, sharing goals and challenges, and then participating in guided activities in the company of our equine partners.

Woman riding horse during riding lesson in Fort collins Colorado
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