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Our training packages are tailored to your goals and each horse individually. While some horses cruise through their education, others hit speed bumps along the way. Our goal is to turn out safe, capable horses with a clear understanding and love of their job. Whether your horse is unhandled, green, needs a tune up/conditioning, or has issues to correct we treat each with kindness, patients and clear expectations of behaviors. We believe that horses should be prepared both mentally, physically, and in education for what they are expected to do and always keep the end goal in sight. Helping build a confident, respectful partnership for horse and rider no matter the discipline or level. We understand what it takes to turn over the horse you want and will be up front about progress and horses capabilities along the way. Contacts are never just a short hands-on session as we believe nothing comes with quick, short contacts alone, putting in the time needed during each session. Taking in horses for 30 days or more at our facility or at your place, if local.

Please contact Stefanie for more information


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