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Please call Stefanie at 970-775-0010 for available times and to schedule lessons on our invaluable lesson horses or to haul yours in. Possible travel depending on distance.

 Discounts for multiple students in the same family.

Beginner/Intermediate Lessons

 These lessons are for any age student, learning can begin in any decade of life! If just starting, students (and parents if applicable) start off being taught safe horse handling, which includes catching, haltering, and leading. You will learn about grooming, riding equipment, and how to properly get your horse ready to ride. We will also go over safety zones and general horse body language. Ride times will lengthen as rider becomes more efficient in getting ready.

If you have already started riding, then lessons will focus on a solid foundation and furthering your riding and handling knowledge and comfort with any horse.

 Whatever your discipline, we will begin with a good foundation of safety practices for rider and explanations of the how's and why's of things done in the saddle.  All lessons are taught with age-appropriate concepts and plans. No matter your age or discipline, lessons will be fun, empowering, and progressive.

Private 1hr $70

Semi-Private 1hr $60

Group 1hr $50

Intermediate Jumping Program

Deepen your knowledge and riding skills in an encouraging, fun, and supportive environment. Whether you just want to become a better rider or compete, we will help you set and reach attainable goals along the way. Lessons will be catered to horse and rider, as we may plan to be jumping courses or doing difficult lateral work one day, but your horse has other plans. So, flexibility and taking the opportunity to work on your partnership is very important to us. We believe that sometimes moving forward means some foundation repair and other times it takes pushing through. 

These are for students already comfortable walk/trot/canter and beginning jumping.

Private 1hr $80

Semi-Private 1hr $70

Group 1hr $60


Competition Program

This is for students wanting to compete. It's important for riders to understand that they must train with their equine partner as athletes. At least one lesson a week is required, and we recommend one other ride day a week, whether that be another lesson or a lease day. A pre, first show lesson on proper tack cleaning, show grooming and show prep will be required so that students and parents are ready for show morning.

 This is where it might be time to start thinking of leasing or buying but neither are required at lower levels of competing. 

Lil' tikes Mini Lessons/Mommy and Me

3-7yr olds

This is for our youngest riders just starting to explore their love of horses. These lessons include the basics of grooming, horse safety and ride time with instruction in game form to keep the learning fun. These lessons are generally 40 minutes in length. 



Horsemanship Lessons

These lessons are mainly unmounted but always with the horses. Through this program we will learn everything from the ground up, covering all aspects of horse care, handling, equipment, exercising, course/obstacle setting and executing in hand,  among much more. Through hands on learning you will become a confident, capable, knowledgeable partner for our equine friends. It's easy to get wrapped up in wanting to ride better. Our relationship with our horses starts on the ground, the moment you make contact. Spending time learning about their behavior, way of movement, cues, suppleness, willingness and how to work on all of these things from the ground is invaluable along your journey.

   Whatever your age, students will find great joy in the fun, challenging, and rewarding, time spent with the horses. 

Groups sessions will be age based so appropriate concepts are taught during each lesson. We are able to keep the price down as our horses don't receive the same physical strain as full riding lessons. The care, health, and happiness of our lesson horses is of the upmost importance as without them, none of this would be possible.

Private $55

Group $45

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