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Community Through Horses, LLC


Why Horses Horses demand that you earn their trust and respect. Horses do not care where you came from or what you have - you can shape your unique relationship with your horse. Through there relationships, students learn about resilience, preseverance, and self- control while overcoming their fears, negative self-talks, or unhelpful personal narratives. Together, we can work through those points where you say you can't do something and help you achieve what you thought was impossible! Lessons in the program will help build strength, physically and mentally, and shape emotional intelligence. Myself and my children were raised at the barn and I find so much joy in bringing this experience to others.

Purpose To bring this amazing sport to those kids that can benefit from all it has to offer that wouldn't otherwise have access. My entire life has involved horses- over half of it as a trainer and coach. Horse life has shaped who I am by guiding me through difficulty in my youth and grounding me in my present. My equine partners, barn community, and coaches shaped my values and ethics for the best and strengthened my talents. This is not just my job and passing on this gift to my students and watching their bonds with eachother and the horses keeps me loving what I do. over the years, I have watched so many students grow into confident and capable young adults that believe in themselves. Seeing them compete against eachother at shows, but show the maturity to support and cheer one another on. I see this as setting up so many more that can grow up in this community and experience this level of support.

What We Are Doing Unfortunately, horses are expensive and with inflation it has been increasingly limiting the availability to those in need in our community. Lessons at the barn are priceless, lasting, and should be shared with many. Having a safe space for these kids to come enjoy, learn, and grow in is a main goal. This program is in the fundraising and development stage with the long term goal of non profit status. Due to seeing a huge need in our communtiy, I want to make this accessible as soon as possible! For now, we are starting as a community outreach project to connect with youth who would not have access to riding lessons or equine activities. Youth that are just as deserving but considered at-risk and/or struggling with issues at school and home. In the past, people have reached out to sponsor a deserving child. I would love to make this a readily available program for all in the community.

Our Goals for the Future We have big plans for how we'd like to grow. We will start out of our current facility with hopes of expanding onto its ouw farm. Our dream holds visions of after school programs, day and summer camps, mentorship programs, scholorships, farm and ranch managment classes, and other health and wellness offerings. start small and dream big!


Board members are meeting 10/20 to approve 501(c)(3) paperwork to send off for approval. More to follow after meeting.

If you would like to donate, have any questions, or would like to sponsor and/or nominate a deserving young person you think could benefit please feel free to reach out.  Excited to bring this project to life and thank you in advance for any help in doing so!


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